ANA to be first Japanese airline to fly 'hotel in sky' Airbus A380


All Nippon Airways Co. plans to be the first Japanese carrier to operate the “hotel in the sky” Airbus A380 jetliner.

The largest commercial plane in the world, hence the nickname, will debut on the Narita-Honolulu route in the spring of 2019, the company announced March 6.

The aircraft is produced by the European-based Airbus SAS and being a full double-decker plane that contains more than 500 seats, it dwarfs even the Boeing 747.

ANA’s A380 will be painted to resemble a sea turtle, a creature regarded as holy in Hawaiian mythology. It is based on a design that was solicited from the public.

Despite the hype, the jetliner has not been selling well, mainly due to the growing popularity of midsize and small passenger aircraft, which tend to have better fuel efficiency.

Nonetheless, ANA has decided to use three A380s on flights to Hawaii, a route long dominated by rival carrier Japan Airlines Co.
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