The useful Japanese for an interview !!! Part 2 !!!

14. お休みする時はどのくらい前に言えばいいですか
Romaji: yasumi suru toki wa dono kurai mae ni ieba īdesu ka?
Meaning: How long before I can take a day off?

15. 仕事内容はなんですか
Romaji: Shigoto naiyō wa nandesu ka?
Meaning: What is your job title?

16. 一日何時間働けますか
Romaji: ichi nichi nan-jikan hatarakemasu ka?
Meaning: How many hours a day can I work?

17. 給料日はいつですか
Romaji: Kyūryōbi wa itsudesu ka?
Meaning: When is the payday?

18. 有給休暇はありますか
Romaji: Yūkyū kyūka wa arimasu ka?
Meaning: Are there paid holidays?

19. 福利厚生を教えてください
Romaji: Fukuri kōsei o oshietekudasai.
Meaning: Please tell me your welfare program.

20. 転勤はありますか
Romaji: Tenkin wa arimasu ka?
Meaning: Do you have a relocation?

21. 出張はありますか
Romaji: Shutchō wa arimasu ka?
Meaning: Is there a business trip?

22. 繁忙期はどのぐらい残業しますか
Romaji: Hanbō-ki wa dono gurai zangyō shimasu ka?
Meaning: How long do you work overtime during the busy season?

23. 朝礼やミーティングはありますか
Romaji: Chōrei ya mītingu wa arimasu ka?
Meaning: Are there morning meetings?

24. その仕事に必要なスキルはなんですか
Romaji: Sono shigoto ni hitsuyōna sukiru wa nandesu ka?
Meaning:What skills are necessary for the job?

25. 昇給はありますか
Romaji: Shōkyū wa arimasu ka?
Meaning: Is there a pay raise

26. ボーナスはいつですか
Romaji: Bōnasu wa itsudesu ka ?
Meaning: When is the bonus?

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