【management of Nepalese, translation, bread manufacturing】

Management of Nepalese, translation(40%), bread manufacturing work at a bread factory(60%).

¥ 200,000 ~ ¥ 240,000/month

Japanese level; N2/The person who works in Japan company over 1 year

▼Working place
Kanagawa Prefecture
(JR Musashi Shiroishi Station 5 minutes / JR Kawasaki Station 20 minutes by bus)

▼Working days and hours
①6:00 ~ 15:00 ② 9:00 ~ 17:00

Social insurance / Dormitory(※no housing allowance) / Bonuses and pay increases are considered according to ability

Please contact me.
TEL:08051971406 / Mail:umjcdn001@unitedmind.jp
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